How Tradefull Began

Tradefull began with an entrepreneurial spirit in 2003 and developed into an enterprise with a mission to simplify and solve challenges experienced by companies launching into e-commerce marketplaces. Using knowledge gained by being one of the first third-party retailers on Amazon, Tradefull pivoted from being a seller to being a solution for other sellers. 


With a team of smart and passionate people, we built software and workflows to meet the needs of retailers looking to maximize their e-commerce opportunities and simplify their logistics. Since then, we have fulfilled and shipped millions of orders to both consumers and businesses. 


With our roots as a retailer, we know what it’s like to operate as a successful e-commerce seller and meet the demanding requirements of Amazon, Walmart, and others. We’re now a complete e-commerce solution that can be a one-stop shop for retailers who need help managing and operating their stores.

Helping Small Retailers to Large Enterprises

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all way to run a retail shop. That’s why Tradefull provides a range of services and products to help retailers of any size enhance their operations. From proprietary software that helps you organize and automate key aspects of your shipping and logistics to our invaluable marketing assistance, we can help you better manage and grow your e-commerce company.


We are passionate about helping everyone from small, mom-and-pop retailers to major enterprises become more efficient and optimize their shipping and logistics. And because Tradefull offers a variety of approaches to logistics (1PL, 3PL, or hybrid), our solution can be molded to fit your specific needs. Just ask us how we can help you.

Team Philosophy

Tradefull is made up of entrepreneurial visionaries who are dedicated to solving tomorrow’s challenges today. The Tradefull team is committed to delivering results at every level with a companywide philosophy that our partners’ success is our success. 


Our rapid growth fosters leaders at every level by empowering employees to think like owners, never settling. This fast-paced, high-energy environment offers unlimited opportunities for our team members and inspires our partners.

Our Team

Eric Kasper

Founder And CEO

Eric is the CEO, company founder and brains behind Tradefull. He is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in e-commerce and technology. He is passionate about sharing his e-commerce knowledge and making it simple for partners to reach their goals.

Rod Neuenschwander

Chief Operating Officer

Rod brings 15+ years of leadership and entrepreneurial experience. He is passionate about partners consistently achieving their ecommerce goals. He is focused on building a partner first culture knowing that Tradefull wins when partners win.

Brian Thompson

Chief Supply Chain Officer

Brian has 23 years of e-commerce, retail and supply chain operations experience having held leadership positions in Supply Chain, Merchandising, Inventory Management, and Operations.

Srikanth Yendluri

Chief Technology Officer

Srikanth is Silicon Valley veteran with 25+ years of technology experience. He was part of Salesforce R&D team from the  early stages, and led their application development efforts. He believes in three tenants: Accountability, Teamwork, and Automation. His vision for technology, and passion for customer success will greatly help drive Tradefull’s vision, mission and goals.

Jason Barr

Chief Partner Success Officer

Jason has over 20 years of experience leading professional services organization while transforming partners through the right people, process, and technologies.
Jason’s sales and strategy leadership ensures that our partners leverage best-in-class technology to seamlessly integrate into the most proficient paths to purchase.

Brian Becker

VP, Business Development 

Brian has over 25 years of business experience than spans many industries, including his time as an Army officer. His ability to combine excellence in growth-oriented execution with a commitment to developing next-level teams ensures the sustainable success of Tradefull’s partners from the outset

Matthew Camiletti

Director, Partner Support

Matthew leads the Partner Services team that provides world class support to partners on requests big and small. Partner Services keeps it simple and easy to do business with Tradefull.

Chanin Tyler

Director, Accounting

As the Director of Accounting, Chanin focuses on building scalable financial tracking that ensures growth for the Tradefull organization and our partners.

Taylor Schindler

Executive Partner manager

Taylor’s commitment to driving standardization and innovation, as well as creating a people-first culture, makes her a force to be reckoned with. Taylor’s focus is on developing efficient processes that meet partner needs and promote optimization and scalability.

Travis Williams

Director, Business Intelligence

Travis is a data geek who loves discovering the meaning behind the numbers. He helps Tradefull and its partners make data-driven decisions with actionable reporting and advanced analytics.

Amberly Buchholz

Director, Implementation

As a long tenured member of the AreaTrend and Tradefull leadership team, Amberly creates strategies that maximize revenue and improve experiences for our business partners. She is keen on creating organization and simplification to get you from point A to B quickly.

Chadd Kasper

Director, Partner Strategy

Chadd Kasper is an Executive Partner Manager who works with CEOs, executives, and solopreneurs to drive revenue and awareness to their brands. Chadd is an accomplished entrepreneur and sits on multiple local non-profit boards.  His deep enthusiasm for helping others succeed has resulted in a decade of successful brand and product launches to e-Commerce marketplaces.

Jordan Sweress

Director, Talent Acquisition

With her passion for people and a deep connection to our core values, Jordan, as our Director of Talent Acquisition and Organizational Development, lives and breathes Tradefull. Having worked at the organization since 2015, she is well versed in Tradefull’s structure and vision and works in conjunction with the organizations leaders to procure and develop the companies greatest assets: our team.

Zac Ramey

Sr. Director, ecommerce

Zac has been working with the largest e-commerce companies in the world for ten years and uses his expansive experience to set brands up for success.A true jack of all trades, Zac has managed data entry, customer service, marketing, fraud prevention and business development teams for AreaTrend and Tradefull. His e-commerce prowess is only matched by his athletic accomplishments, which he exhibited by winning 3rd place in a city-wide free throw competition in the 5th grade.

Brent Bumbaugh

Director, Business Development

Brent is a highly driven, accomplished sales leader with a documented history of success in business development, account management, and technology solutions for Fortune 500 clients in nationwide markets. By creating tailored packages, he will ensure you have everything you need for success.

Michelle Morad

Director, Product Content

Michelle is a tenured creative who is passionate about creating engaging content that will help you meet your sales goals. With her in the captain’s seat, you will get what you need and she will make sure you are having fun too.

Andrew Beal

Director, Engineering

Andrew Beal is an innovator who enjoys expanding the limits of what Tradefull can do. At the head of a crack team of engineers, he ensures that the organization moves fast and makes the impossible possible.

Ryan Foster

Director, Operations

Ryan is Innovative, inspirational, and performance-driven with over 10 years of achievements in e-commerce, distribution, logistics, manufacturing, and technology. Skilled at leading cross-functional teams to accomplish advantageous results.


Chief Security Officer

Caesar provides the highest level of security to the Tradefull offices. He has never met a crumb that his toothless mouth couldn’t handle.