E-Commerce Warehousing

Storing your products and having a solid system for organizing them is vital for a well-oiled e-commerce company.

And that’s where Tradefull comes in.

Tradefull Warehousing Options

One piece of your retail business you’ll need to figure out is where you will store your products while you wait for them to be bought and shipped. There are two main ways Tradefull can help with this:


A Retailers Warehouse

(First Party Logistics)

In this scenario, retailers simply plug Tradefull software into their warehouse. This works well for retailers who already have warehouse infrastructure in place but need help with direct-to-consumer logistics. Tradefull helps with setup and trains the retailer’s team on how to use the software. Retailers utilize Tradefull contacts to save on shipping.


Tradefull Warehouse

(Third-Party Logistics)

Retailer products come to a Tradefull warehouse, and then Tradefull takes care of the rest. This is best for retailers who don’t have the space, time, or expertise to store and ship. Tradefull skillfully picks, packs, and ships retailer goods. In this method, retailers can also utilize Tradefull contracts to save on shipping. And since Tradefull has an expanding warehouse footprint across the U.S., it makes it easy and efficient to get your products to your customers as quickly as possible. 

Services Offered

Tradefull Warehouse

Seller Warehouse

Tradefull’s Tech: A Warehouse Management System

e-commerce warehousing

Without good technology, it will be extremely difficult to manage the products coming and going from your warehouse. That’s where Tradefull’s warehouse management system (WMS) can come to your rescue.


Tradefull’s proprietary software was designed to help e-commerce companies manage, organize, and enhance their warehouse operations. It facilitates inventory storage, warehousing, product storage management, and product inventory. And thanks to its responsive design, Tradefull’s user-friendly WMS works just as well on the kinds of handheld devices used on a warehouse floor as it does on a desktop or laptop computer.

Warehousing Organization

Tradefull’s WMS can help you create processes that will keep your warehouse and your inventory organized. By creating a storage formula, including floors, aisles, bins, and zones, you’ll be able to quickly and easily pick and put away your inventory. 


More than that, the warehouse management system can help with order sorting on shipping. Simply scan the tracking number, and the software will tell you where to put it within the warehouse and even what other items it should be shipped with for maximum efficiency.

Warehousing Data and Reporting

In addition, Tradefull’s WMS has data and reporting that can help you optimize your warehouse’s efficiency. Thanks to the technology, you can better track your inventory and always have a clear idea of what items are stored where. 


The WMS features a user-friendly dashboard with metrics like picks, pickers, and the number of people needed to do the work. It goes even deeper to show whether personnel are hitting their targets and how long they’ve been doing that work. This can give you a better view of your employees and help you plan how many people you need working each day.


The software also gives you the same numbers when you’re receiving pallets and are trying to get items put away. All of these data points will help your e-commerce company work more efficiently. 

FAQs About e-commerce warehousing

E-commerce warehousing is the process of organizing and storing products before they are shipped to customers. Warehousing can be done by the retailer themselves, in a process known as first-party logistics, or it can be done through a third party (in third-party logistics, or 3PL).

Warehousing can make or break a business. In order to know your inventory well enough to get it to the customer in a timely manner, you have to have an organized and well-managed warehouse. Everything from where the products are stored to who is picking orders can determine how quickly and accurately the product gets to the customer. A warehouse management system can help you take control of your warehouse so you can be as efficient as possible in all of your warehousing processes. 

A warehouse management system, or WMS, is technology that can make handling inventory and shipping easier because it helps you organize your warehouse. The technology can also help you fulfill orders faster by telling you where products are stored and how many workers are needed to fulfill an order within the required time frame.

Choosing the right technology for your warehouse is important to the success of your business. Select a WMS that integrates with other technology you use in your business and make sure it covers all of your needs. Your warehouse management system should be able to tell you where your products are and where to put picked orders to keep everything running smoothly and accurately. 

Warehouse logistics in e-commerce refer to all processes involved in warehouse management, including product storage and organization, inventory, product movement, and product fulfillment. 

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