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Navigating the e-commerce landscape: Compass Health Brands' journey with Tradefull

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Compass Health Partnership Highlights

Transition from 1P to 3P Vendor:

Compass Health Brands was able to transition from being a first party vendor to a third party seller on Amazon, overcoming challenges related to stock levels and price increases.

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Utilization:

By partnering with Tradefull, Compass Health Brands was able to utilize Seller Fulfilled Prime capabilities, enabling the Prime badge on their listings without
having to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Multi-Warehouse Strategy:

Compass Health Brands was able to mitigate high shipping rates by storing their products in three warehouses across the U.S., ensuring faster delivery times and maintaining the Prime status on their products.

Improved Customer Experience:

By ensuring timely delivery and maintaining stock levels, Compass Health Brands was able to improve the overall customer experience, which is crucial for customer retention and brand reputation.

$10 Million in Sales:

Since partnering with Tradefull, Compass Health Brands has achieved $10 million in sales, with 75% of that coming from Amazon.

Expansion to 17 Marketplaces:

With Tradefull s help, Compass Health Brands expanded their reach to 17 different marketplaces, significantly increasing their customer base and sales.

Overcoming the Limitations of a First-Party Vendor Relationship with Amazon

Compass Health Brands, a company specializing in home healthcare products, found themselves in a challenging position. They were selling directly to Amazon as a first-party vendor but faced difficulties in maintaining adequate stock levels throughout the year. Furthermore, Amazon was not receptive to price increases when the cost of goods increased. This situation was unsustainable and led Compass Health Brands to explore other avenues.


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Transitioning to a Third-Party Amazon Seller Account

In an effort to gain more control over their brand, Compass Health Brands attempted to open their own third party Amazon Seller account. However, they struggled to match the sales velocity that Amazon had chieved. The primary issue was the absence of the Prime badge on their listings, a crucial factor in attracting Amazon customers. They also didnt want to use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) as they needed the flexibility to fulfill orders from multiple channels.

The solution came in the form of a partnership with Tradefull. Compass Health Brands utilized Tradefulls Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) capabilities, which allowed them to offer their products on Amazon with the Prime badge enabled, without having to use FBA. This was a significant advantage as it allowed Compass Health Brands to maintain control over their inventory and fulfill orders from multiple channels.

Strategic Warehousing: Mitigating High Shipping Rates

Another key aspect of the solution was strategic warehousing. By storing their products in three warehouses across the United States, Compass Health Brands was able to mitigate air shipments, which can result in high shipping rates. This approach allowed them to deliver their products to customers within two days, meeting the Prime delivery promise, while
keeping shipping costs low.

Expanding Reach: Enabling Sales Across 17 Marketplaces

Tradefull s solution also enabled Compass Health Brands to expand their reach beyond Amazon. They were able to sell their products across 17 marketplaces, effectively reaching their customers wherever they chose to shop. This multi-channel approach was a significant step in increasing their brand visibility and sales.

A Significant Increase in Sales and Brand Visibility

The impact of the partnership with Tradefull was substantial. Compass Health Brands saw a significant increase in sales, with Tradefull driving $10 million worth of sales for them. While a large portion of these sales were on Amazon, the sales on other marketplaces represented a new revenue stream that they wouldnt have been able to tap into without Tradefull s solution.

This story illustrates the transformative power of e commerce for companies like Compass Health Brands. By leveraging technology, adapting to changing consumer needs, and partnering with an experienced e commerce solution provider like Tradefull, brands can navigate the complex e-commerce landscape and achieve unprecedented growth.

The story of Compass Health Brands and Tradefull is not just about numbers and revenue; it s about a brand s journey in the digital world and the vast opportunities it offers.