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Commerce Integrations

Boost your income by adopting the dropshipping business model.

Tradefull Marketplace offers the quickest way to broaden your product range with curated items without the risk of holding inventory.

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Tradefull Commerce Integration caters to retailers and vendors

Expand product range

Enhance your assortment by offering complementary items from brands that share a similar ethos.

Boost sales rapidly

Speed up the integration of new product listings and tap into items your customers are sourcing from other vendors.

Minimize stock-related risks

Bypass the challenges of inventory management and logistics to concentrate on your core strength: sales.

Why use Tradefull Commerce Platform

Skilled team

Easily import Product Catalog from various sources, including spreadsheets, CSV, ERP systems, suppliers, and more.

Quick ROI (Return on Investment)

PIM system include data validation and quality control features to ensure data accuracy and completeness.

Contemporary tech solutions

Add additional information to product data, such as marketing copy, translations, and rich media (images, videos, documents).

Link up

Quickly integrate new suppliers and items using various connection methods such as EDI, CSV, and API integrations for platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce.

Engage in transactions

Maintain oversight of your customer journey with alerts for significant events, such as when an order is made by a customer, dispatched by the supplier, and other key milestones.


Evaluate your business’s progress and collaborate with additional brands. Our Services team is equipped to guide you through product choices and vendor partnerships.

Supplier integration

Invite suppliers to your shop effortlessly with a simple connection process. Extend invitations to potential vendors, seek guidance from specialists dedicated to vendor integration, and monitor the onboarding journey through a dedicated supplier dashboard.

Payments to suppliers

Manage and monitor payments to suppliers. Keep a detailed, organised record of every transaction to ensure transparency, accuracy, and efficient financial tracking in business dealings.

Direct orders to the respective suppliers and monitor their completion

Orders are automatically directed to the appropriate vendors, providing comprehensive insight into the entire order lifecycle. Additionally, you can customize order details and packing slips to fit specific requirements.

Gain valuable insights to drive well-informed business choices

Sales analysis provides insights on top products and vendors, compliance tracking assesses vendor performance, and financial awareness optimises costs.

A powerful user interface for merchants to manage it all

Unilever improved customer satisfaction across their commerce ecosystem

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about (FAQ Topic)

Why should you switch to headless commerce?

Tradefull offers a full suite of commerce APIs built on an open architecture that enables the unification of all your sales channels. Embracing the “API economy” for commerce is the first step toward scaling e-commerce. Also, moving towards digital transformation through APIs lets you move faster and compete better in the market.

How can you use a headless commerce API?

Our APIs are based on REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural principles and follow standard REST practices. All of our products have REST APIs so you can develop a custom backend and frontend. After purchasing a product or API collection, you can consume an API to power any type of solution or experience. When you contact us, ask about leveraging our Postman collection to test drive an API.