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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Commerce Solutions and Logistics

What is a complete commerce solution?

A complete e-commerce solution like Tradefull is one that assists you, as an e-commerce retailer, with all your business needs from end to end. That includes everything from helping you create a website and take photos of your products to providing e-commerce fulfillment services. It makes running an e-commerce business more streamlined because you can do everything from one platform.

What is commerce platform?

An e-commerce platform is software that helps you manage your e-commerce business processes. It facilitates operations like warehouse management, fulfillment, shipping, etc. The technology can automate certain aspects of e-commerce management to make running your business more efficient.

What are commerce logistics?

E-commerce logistics encompass processes like storage and shipping that are required to run your e-commerce business. This includes tasks like warehouse management, order fulfillment, and determining the best options for shipping your goods. It also entails managing speed of delivery and creating routings to optimize cost.

What is commerce dropshipping?

E-commerce dropshipping is a method of order fulfillment that helps you get products to consumers faster. Instead of keeping all the products you sell in stock, you respond to an online order in real time, buying the items from a third-party supplier and sending them directly to the customer. This reduces your inventory risk and improves speed of delivery. Dropshipping is a win-win-win for the retailer, third-party supplier, and the consumer.

What kind of technology do you need for your commerce company?

Technology plays a big role in the success of your e-commerce business. You will want a combination of technologies that help you manage the various aspects of e-commerce logistics. These include a warehouse management system (WMS), product information management (PIM) system, and an order management system (OMS). Look for technologies that can automate processes and provide reporting and analytics so you can be sure your e-commerce company is running as efficiently as possible.

What is WMS?

A warehouse management system, or WMS, facilitates all warehouse functions, such as packing, picking, and storing your products. It works with an OMS to help organize and complete fulfillment needs, like processing orders and determining the cheapest options for shipping a product.

What is a PIM?

A product information management system, or PIM, helps you organize and keep track of all your products. Within the system, you can assign product SKUs, descriptions, photos, categories, dimensions, prices, and supply numbers. A PIM can automate pricing throughout your marketplaces, helping ensure your products always have competitive pricing without ever dipping below your desired margin.

What is an OMS?

An order management system, or OMS, helps organize and track orders from all of your marketplaces. It can split orders among your warehouses to determine the optimal warehouse to pull from so your customers get their orders faster. The system will also enable you to track and manage returns so your storage data is always up-to-date. An OMS works with your WMS to determine the cheapest and quickest fulfillment option.

What is commerce fulfillment?

E-commerce fulfillment is the process of getting an order delivered to a customer after it has been placed online. It includes receiving and storing an order in a warehouse, picking and packing an order, and then shipping it out to the customer.

Technology helps keep order information organized. It can also automate aspects of the process and provide valuable data to help you run your e-commerce company well.

What is 3PL?

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, consists of using a third party to help with the logistics and shipping of goods. The third party will be responsible for the warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution of the products you sell. This approach can be used by online retailers of any size who don’t want to invest in building out logistics, warehousing, and fulfillment.

3PL can also enable you to expand your warehousing system since the third party typically has multiple warehouses across many states. This helps you get products to your customers faster.

Why would you use tradefull for your commerce company?

Tradefull is unique in that we are the only provider of a complete e-commerce solution. If you are looking to completely outsource your shipping and logistics, Tradefull will be a dependable partner with strong technology that can help you run your e-commerce company well.

You can also use Tradefull if you have an idea for a product you want to sell or an online experience you want to create. You can focus on where your expertise lies and let a partner like Tradefull handle the logistics, making the entire e-commerce process hassle-free.