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Order Management System

Streamlined inventory and order management.

An unified system for overseeing orders, inventory, and fulfillment.

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What makes the Tradefull Order Management System (OMS) the preferred choice

Expand your order and inventory management capabilities

Move beyond spreadsheets and consistently gain a clear perspective on inventory that’s ready for promise and those in transit.

Minimize technological liabilities

Minimise technical liabilities using an intuitive user interface, allowing business users to establish and modify business regulations without coding.

Prepare for the future

Leverage a headless and modular system to adapt swiftly to evolving business landscapes.

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Custome Order Management

Order lifecycle management

Omni channel order visibility
Bulk order imports
Custom order attributes
Estimated delivery dates

Returns and refunds

Instant refunds
Returns policy setting

Inventory Availability

Inventory visibility

Global inventory
Available-to-Promise inventory
Bulk inventory export
Local availability

Inventory controls

Custom inventory attributes
Inventory networks
Safety stock setting
Low stock setting
Custom inventory positions

Multichannel Fulfillment

Fulfillment optimization

Inventory segmentation
Inventory reservation
Picking location prioritization

Flexible fulfillment options

Store fulfillment
Same day delivery
D2C order fulfillment

A powerful user interface for merchants to manage it all

Integrate instantly with your existing OMS infrastructure.

Our Platform facilitates efficient order capture, processing, tracking, and fulfillment by enabling smooth data exchange across your business ecosystem.

Powered by Tradefull Commerce Platform

An end-to-end headless and composable platform for retailers and brands.

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Unilever improved customer satisfaction across their commerce ecosystem

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