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Transforming E-commerce Operations for Makroteks with Tradefull

Replicate's Success Partnership Highlights

E-commerce Expansion

Makroteks expanded from 10 to 31 venues in just one year, significantly increasing their market presence.

Complex Catalog Management

Tradefull effectively managed Makroteks’ complex catalog of 3000 SKUs, handling pricing rollouts, seasonal changes, and more.

Custom Development

Tradefull performed custom development work to accommodate Makroteks’ unique needs, including an unlimited identifier option for complex UPC usage.

B2B and D2C Operations

Tradefull handled all B2B shipments and managed D2C operations across multiple marketplaces and Makroteks’ website.

Partner Satisfaction

Makroteks expressed satisfaction with Tradefull’s services, praising the company to their Rev group.

One-Stop Shop

Tradefull served as a one-stop shop for Makroteks, handling all aspects of their e-commerce operations.

Integration with Marketplaces

Tradefull integrated with Makroteks’ marketplaces, performing complex data work for their products.

Brand Evolution

Despite frequent brand name changes and complex product labeling, Tradefull helped Makroteks maintain a consistent and effective e-commerce presence.

Makroteks, a leading provider of high-quality Turkish towels, faced significant challenges in managing their extensive product catalog and e-commerce operations across multiple marketplaces.

With a catalog of 3000 SKUs and a presence on over 30 venues, Makroteks needed a comprehensive solution to streamline their operations and drive growth. Enter Tradefull, a unified commerce platform that offered the tools and services Makroteks needed to thrive.

We deliver fully from search to ship with a single platform unified commerce

The Challenge: Managing a Complex E-commerce Ecosystem

Makroteks’ e-commerce operations were complex and multi-faceted. They sold their products on a variety of marketplaces, both their own and those provided by Tradefull. These included major platforms like Amazon, Zulily, eBay, DuPont, Kohl’s, Kroger, Overstock, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wayfair, among others.

Moreover, Makroteks had a large and complex product catalog. They frequently changed brand names and used complex product labeling, which made catalog management a significant challenge. They also used multiple UPCs for different SKUs on different marketplaces, adding another layer of complexity to their operations.

The Solution: A Comprehensive Suite of Services from Tradefull

Tradefull provided a wide range of services to address Makroteks’ challenges. These included:

  • B2B Shipments: Tradefull handled all B2B shipments for Makroteks, ensuring their products reached their business customers efficiently and reliably.
  • D2C Operations: Tradefull managed D2C operations for Makroteks’ marketplaces, their own marketplaces, and their website. This ensured a seamless shopping experience for Makroteks’ customers, regardless of the platform they used.
  • Product Data and Catalog Management: Tradefull took over the management of Makroteks’ product data and catalog. They handled pricing rollouts, seasonal changes, and other aspects of catalog management. Tradefull also added an unlimited identifier option specifically for Makroteks to handle their complex UPC usage.
  • Custom Development and Integrations: Tradefull performed custom development work for Makroteks and integrated with their marketplaces. This included complex data work for their products and significant custom development to accommodate Makroteks’ unique needs.

The Results: Streamlined Operations and Satisfied Partner

The partnership with Tradefull transformed Makroteks’ e-commerce operations. They expanded from 10 venues in 2022 to 31 venues in 2023, significantly increasing their market presence. Tradefull’s services also helped Makroteks manage their extensive product catalog more effectively, despite its complexity.

Makroteks expressed satisfaction with the services provided by Tradefull. They praised the company to their Rev group and appreciated that Tradefull could provide services that previous 3PLs could not. The partnership with Tradefull allowed Makroteks to focus on their core business while Tradefull handled their e-commerce operations.

A Successful Partnership Driving E-commerce Growth

The case of Makroteks demonstrates the value of Tradefull’s comprehensive e-commerce solutions. By providing a wide range of services tailored to Makroteks’ unique needs, Tradefull helped them manage their complex e-commerce operations, drive growth, and achieve their business goals. The partnership between Makroteks and Tradefull is a testament to the power of a unified commerce platform in transforming e-commerce operations and driving success.