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Harnessing e-commerce for retail reinvention: the Pier 1 Imports and Tradefull success story

Replicate Pier 1’s Success

Pier 1 Partnership Highlights

Digital Transition Challenge:

Pier 1 Imports smoothly transitioned to online marketplaces with Tradefull, expanding their customer base and sales

Tech-Enabled Solution

Tradefull listed and optimized Pier 1’s products on various online marketplaces, setting them up for success

International Market Expansion:

Tradefull opened up international lanes for Pier 1, expanding their reach beyond their traditional customer base.

Significant Revenue Growth:

Pier 1 achieved six-figure sales in just four months, with marketplace sales accounting for 10% of their total company revenue.

Building Future Resiliency:

Leveraging technology and partnering with Tradefull, Pier 1 transformed their business and added resiliency to changing consumer buying patterns.

Inspiring Digital Leap

The partnership between Pier 1 and Tradefull is a testament to the benefits of embracing change and exploring the vast opportunities of the digital world.

In the rapidly evolving world of retail, traditional brick and mortar stores are facing the challenge of adapting to the digital age

Pier 1 Imports, a well-known home decor and furniture retailer, found itself at this crossroads. With the closure of their physical stores, they decided to take a leap into the digital world, partnering with Tradefull, a leading e-commerce 3PL solution provider. This partnership proved to be a game-changer, leading to a significant increase in revenue and brand visibility.


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We deliver fully from search to ship with a single platform unified commerce

Addressing the digital transition challenge

Pier 1 Imports had a strong brand presence and a loyal customer base, but they were primarily operating through their own website. They were missing out on the vast potential of online marketplaces, which could offer them a wider customer base and increased sales. The challenge was to transition smoothly into these marketplaces without disrupting their existing operations.

Tradefull stepped in with a comprehensive, tech-enabled solution. They started by listing Pier 1’s products on various online marketplaces. This was a strategic move, as it allowed Pier 1 to reach out to new customers who were frequenting these platforms. The process was not just about listing the products; Tradefull also optimized the product data for each individual marketplace, ensuring that the listings were set up to succeed.

Expanding Reach with International Markets and Achieving significant revenue growth

Tradefull’s solution was not limited to just the domestic market. They also opened up international lanes for Pier 1, allowing them to tap into the global market. This was a significant step, as it expanded Pier 1’s reach
beyond their traditional customer base.

The impact of this partnership was immediate and significant. In just four months, Pier 1 was able to reach six-figure sales, a milestone they had not anticipated achieving so quickly. By December, the sales from the marketplaces accounted for 10% of Pier 1’s total company revenue. This was a substantial increase, considering that the marketplaces had contributed to only 5% of their revenue in August.

Building Resiliency and unified commerce for the future

This success story is a testament to the power of e-commerce and the potential it holds for traditional retailers. By leveraging technology, adapting to changing consumer needs, and partnering with an experienced e-commerce solution provider like Tradefull, retailers can transform their business and achieve unprecedented growth. Tradefull’s deep technical expertise and unified commerce approach across all touchpoints in the customer, order, and product lifecycle from search to ship, add resiliency to safeguard brands in changing consumer buying patterns.

The story of Compass Health Brands and Tradefull is not just about numbers and revenue; it s about a brand s journey in the digital world and the vast opportunities it offers